Food Preparation


Vacuum Assisted Shot Blasting (Blastrac)

This system will propel an abrasive at a high velocity from a blast wheel onto the work surface. The blasting action is contained within a work chamber fitted with a unique combination of seals which ensure efficient recovery of the abrasive via a separation section of the abrasive storage hopper. The linked dust collector ensures a dust free operation leaving a textured concrete. The substrate is mechanically prepared and will provide a key to all screeds and toppings. Laitance  can be removed to  yield a tougher  and  highly  acceptable surface.

Scrabbling (Von-arx)

This is a system of  flails  loosely  mounted  on  a  rotating  drum  which  hammer  and scratch the surface to obtain the desired effect. You can choose amongst the frail types available, and vary their composition such as, Tungsten Carbide Tip flails for roughening and cleaning concrete and asphalt floor. Beam flails for the removal of paint coatings, milling flails for   soft   and   hard   grade   floor   materials,  Star flails for the removal of  rust and scale, square, Square flails for the removal of brittle and hardened coatings, and fine and course brushes for careful treatment of surfaces are all available.

STR 701 Multipurpose Preparation

The STR 701 is a rotary preparation machine. Simple, safe, comfortable to operate and highly effective. Low noise levels (64 DB) along with complete absence of fumes, vibration and dust make the STR 701 the ideal machine for refurbishment and renovation. Grinding heads have been developed to solve the many problems faced on site. The  range  includes  tungsten carbide diamond and silicon carbide attachments together with a comprehensive range of brushes.   The   STR   701   can   be   operated   dust   free   when   connected   to   a vacuum.