Pagegrip Linemarker

Car Park Swindon

Pagegrip LMS is a solvent free 2 component high build line marking product, suitable for Multi-Storey CarParks, Concrete Roof Decks, Factories/Warehouses. It is a two component epoxy material which is easily applied to any suitably prepared sur­face. Standard colours are white and Safety Yellow other colours can be achieved please contact the Technical department with your request. It is: Easy to Apply; Abrasion resistant; High bond strength; Solvent free

Product Info.
Mixing All materials are provided in pre-proportioned units. Mixing of part units is not recommended due to the possibility of proportioning errors. Mixing of the hardener component is recommended before mixing the two liquid components. Mix both liquid components together for a minimum of two minutes or until a homogeneous mix is obtained.
Coverage 0.040Kg/Ln/m (Based on 100mm Wide). Approx 300 microns D.F.T. (Dry Film Thickness) Dependant on Surface texture and or porosity. Sometimes a 2nd coat may be required.
Characteristics Physical Characteristics@20°c cure schedule:
Pot life @ 20°C -30-45 minutes
Touch dry@ 20°C -6-8 hours
Overcoat period -8-24 hours Full cure -7 days
Safety Please read the relevant technical data sheet and specific health and safety data for this product provided in compliance with the requirements of EC Directive 91/155
Preparation To be assured of maximum adhesion and properties from Page resin products, the correct surface preparation is essential. Please refer to the technical department.
Application 10°C – 30°C. Ideally 20°C. Protect from adverse weather conditions during early cure stages. Apply using a medium pile roller. Please note in warmer climates speed of application is paramount due to reduced open times.
Storage The storage, mixing and application conditions can affect the quality of the finish produced.