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The Pagefast range was developed specifically for the industrial flooring market and is used predominantly in the Food, Drinks, Hospitality and Automotive sectors. It has a certified anti-skid rating in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002 ensuring that the safety of your customers and staff is paramount as the risk of trips, slips and other accidents are reduced.

  • Monolithic seamless surface
  • High aesthetics with a vast range of colours
  • Textured
  • Low maintenance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Hygienic


Remove all laitance, contaminants, traces of dirt and grease from the substrate and ensure that it is dry. Approved preparation methods are shot blasting, scabbling or diamond grinding, the method selected should be appropriate for the substrate.


Install Page trowel applied decorative screed to 4mm thickness, priming surface with a Page V proprietary priming resin, basecoat consisting of Page C21S resin and coloured quartz and seal with 2 no. coats of Page T31R; all in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Application Stages

Prepare the substrate

Prime using a Page proprietary priming resin (see data sheets) @ 0.40kg/m2

Install the base coat at a nominal 4mm using Page C21S resin (see data sheet) and coloured quartz

Before the base coat has cured, fully broadcast with coloured quartz (size 0.7-1.2mm) or a combination of coloured quartz (size 0.7-1.2mm) and mineral aggregate (size 1.0-1.4mm).

Apply 2 no. top coats of Page T31R top coat resin (see data-sheet) @ 0.35 kg/m2 (per coat)

Areas Of Application

For moderate to high mechanical stresses

Slip resistant coating for permanently or occasionally wet areas

Indoor use only


Cementitious substrates must be sound, dry and free of laitance, loose particles, oil, dust, grease and contaminants which could cause future delamination. It should have a compressive strength > 25 N/mm2, a cohesive strength > 1.5 N/mm2 and moisture content < 5.0%.
Pagefast systems are designed to follow the contours of the existing concrete substrate, therefore there cannot be any sudden irregularities, undulations or high spots.

We have a range of primers designed for application on various substrates such as wood, steel, ceramic & quarry tiles, terrazzo and indoor asphalt. Please contact our technical department.

Life Expectancy

Greater than 10 years, subject to correct maintenance regime.


Monolithic seamless surface
High aesthetics with a vast range of colours
Low maintenance
High abrasion resistance
UV resistant

Technical Data

Texture: Textured

Finish: Semi-gloss

Thickness: 4mm

Curing time: Full chemical cure – 1 hour Compressive strength: 45 N/mm2 -DIN1164 Tensile strength:29 N/mm2 – DIN1164

Slip resistance PTV 72 (dry)

BS 7976-2:2002

PTV 60 (wet)

BS 7976-2:2002

Chemical resistance: Refer to Page PMMA Chemical Resistance Chart Temperature resistance:+60oC (+80oC for short irregular periods e.g. wash-downs)

Abrasion resistance: Class AR1 Heavy duty