Epoxy resin floor aerospace

Pumadur WR is designed with the highest order of durability, abrasion and chemical resistance (when sealed). Its easy to clean matt finish makes the product ideal for environments such as the food, beverage, engineering and chemical industries.

  • Lightly textured matt finish
  • Wide chemical resistance
  • Seamless (minimum joints required)
  • Non tainting, non dusting
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Typically 2 – 9 mm (vertically 4 mm maximum)

Application Conditions

Ideal ambient and substrate temperature range is 15  – 25 ºC. Localised heating or cooling equipment may be required outside this range to achieve ideal temperature conditions. The aggregate can be stored in a cool area (or warm area in the case of low ambient temperature) in order to control product temperature and working  life. The substrate and uncured floor must be kept at least 3ºC above the dew point to reduce the risk of condensation or blooming on the surface, from before priming to at least 48 hours after application.

Surface Preparation

Inadequate preparation will lead to loss of adhesion and failure. Substrates should be clean, dry, sound and free of surface laitance. See the Resdev Guide to Surface Preparation for further information.

Application Instructions Priming

Pumadur WR should be applied into tacky Pumaprime TC (typically 45 – 60 minutes after application).  If,  prior to application of Pumadur WR, there are dry patches, a further primer coat is required. If the primer has been left to cure for >48 hours then the primer surface should be mechanically abraded and the area re-primed.

Application of Pumadur WR

Prior to mixing, the temperature of the three components must be between 15 and 25 oC. Pre-mix the coloured resin component before use. Add the hardener component to the coloured resin component and mix using a low speed electric  mixer  (300  –  400  rpm)  for  1 – 2 minutes until homogeneous. Decant the mixture  into a rotary drum mixer and add the aggregate component in stages, mixing for a minimum of 3 minutes until a uniform coloured, lump-free mix is obtained.  Apply the mixture immediately onto pre-primed areas using a coving trowel to form skirting if required. Avoid excessive tooling which may lead to ‘trowel burn’.


Due to the dry nature required of a product designed to be applied vertically, Pumadur WR shows a  lower colour strength than flooring materials and colour density may vary throughout an installation. Where a closer colour match is required or where Pumadur WR  requires sealing, for example, in wet areas or where chemical spillages are likely, Pumadur TF should be applied within 24 hours of application. See separate technical datasheet.

Regular cleaning is essential to enhance and maintain the life expectancy and appearance of the product. Pumadur WR can be easily cleaned using industry standard cleaning chemicals and techniques, especially where sealed using Pumadur TF. Consult your cleaning chemical and equipment supplier for more information.

Health and Safety

Refer to product Safety Data Sheet before use.

EU Directive 2004/42/EC

Complies with category j type SB (< 500 g/l). The VOC content of Pumadur WR is approx. 6 g/l (theoretical).


Store off the ground in un-opened packs in a dry store, under cover between 10ºC and 30ºC out of direct sunlight.  Protect from frost.

Shelf Life *

Resin and hardener components: 12 months

Aggregate component: 6 months.

If stored in accordance with the above recommendations


Do not proceed with application if atmospheric relative humidity is, or is anticipated to be, >90% or if the surface temperature is <3 ºC above the dew point. Application should not commence when the substrate temperature or the ambient temperature is, or is anticipated to be <5

ºC during the application or within the curing period. The design strength of concrete surfaces must be a minimum of 25 MPa compressive strength at 28 days. The manufacture of Pumadur WR is a batch process and despite close manufacturing tolerances, colour variation may occur between batches. Products from different batches should not be used on the same surface or surfaces close together. If mixed batches are unavoidable, it is best practice to use the different batches only in areas where the colour cannot be  directly compared. Touching up should only be attempted using product from the same batch using the same application methods. Product should be reserved specially for this purpose. It is recommended that touching up is carried out up to a break in the floor or surface.

Technical Advice
For further information on this or any other Resdev product, please contact our office.


The information contained in this document, and all further technical advice given is based on our present knowledge and experience. However, it implies no liability or legal responsibility on our part. In particular, no warranty or guarantee of product performance in the legal sense is intended or implied as the conditions of use and the competence of any labour involved in the application are beyond our control. Properties listed are for guidance purposes only. We reserve the right to make any changes according to technological progress or further developments.