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Chemical resistant Resin Flooring is available for any type of industry sector. For the Aerospace industry specific resin flooring which will withstand Skydrol and other products is available in a choice of finishes. Page install Chemical resistant flooring in the Food and Drink sectors where the need is to combat oils and greases produced in the food manufacturing processing. Engineering facilities require a level of chemical resistance which may also require higher levels of slip resistance.

Whatever the industry sector, whatever Chemical resistance is required Page will install the chemical resistant flooring to meet these environment needs.

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Pagetile is a high grade, two-pack, hard wearing polyurethane floor coating designed for maximum chemical resistance which is light-fast and flexible. It has good resistance to impact abrasion and trafficking. The system is resistant to high temperatures up to 150oC and is available in a range of Colours or Clear… View full description of Pagetile


Pagefresh HF is a 6-9mm heavy duty, chemical re­sistant polyurethane resin floor screed. Ideal for wet processing areas such as chemical processing plants, secondary chemical contaminant zones, food manufacturing areas and food preparation areas… View full description of Pagefresh HF

Drinks manufacturing flooring

Pagefresh MF is a 4 – 6 mm heavy duty, chemical resistant antimicrobial treated polyurethane resin floor finish.Attractive smooth matt coloured floor finish. The finished system is assessed as non-hazardous to health and the environment View full description of Pagefresh MF

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Pagefresh RT is an easily applied 6 – 9 mm heavy duty, chemical resistant antimicrobial treated polyurethane resin floor screed. Attractive fine textured coloured floor finish with a speckled effect on the surface. Ideal for wet processing zones such as food manufacturing, food preparation areas, and chemical processing plants… View full description of Pagefresh RT