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3mm Polyurethane food mixing room
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Polyurethane Floor coatings and screeds provide hard wearing seamless finishes. The flooring systems include fast curing products which allow footfall within 24 hours and also allow more coats to be applied in a shorter time period.

Flooring in the Polyurethane range are abrasive and chemical resistant, hygienic and slip resistant, and available in a wide choice of colours. Some Polyurethane Flooring products are resistant to temperatures up to 1500 degrees C.

The flooring is the ideal choice for laboratories and manufacturing  areas where minimising production downtown is crucial.

blue walkways grey flooring

Page HF is a 6-9mm heavy duty, chemical re­sistant polyurethane resin floor screed. Ideal for wet processing areas such as chemical processing plants, secondary chemical contami­nent zones, food manufacturing areas and food preparation areas… View full description of Page HF


Pumadur WR is a seamless polyurethane mortar for application to vertical surfaces and for forming radius coves. Pumadur WR is designed with the highest order of durability, abrasion and chemical resistance (when sealed). … View full description of Pumadur WR

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Pagefresh SL is a 2 mm heavy duty, chemical resistant antimicrobial treated polyurethane resin floor finish. Attractive smooth matt coloured floor finish. It is ideal for dry processing zones such as food packaging zones. View full description of Pagefresh SL