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Epoxy Resin flooring provides a long-lasting, high performance system for the most exacting situations, but choosing the correct system to meet your specific flooring requirements is an important part of the selection process. If you choose Page as the installer of your Resin Flooring System you can be confident that with 30 years experience we know what flooring works best, in any situation.

Seamless resin flooring provides a durable, chemical and abrasion resistant floor finish. Systems range from seals, through High Build Epoxies to heavy duty screeds.

To assist in this, FeRFA has produced a classification system for the different flooring types which forms the basis of the British Standard BS 8204-6.

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Pagetect SF41 is a high performance, solvent free, chemical resis­tant, epoxy resin coating. It may be used as a hard wearing coloured floor coating in areas such as factories, warehouses, plant and storerooms where high resistance against chemical attack is re­quired. Also used as a line marker in demarca­tion areas… View full description of Pagetect SF41

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Pageflow Shield SL is a hygienic self smoothing floor finish used in areas where the floor is subjected to medium to heavy duty foot, trolley, pallet truck and rubber wheeled fork lift traffic.. Typical uses include laboratories, clean rooms, warehouses, electronic, aerospace, automotive and printing plants. … View full description of Pageflow Shield SL


Pagegrip LMS is a solvent free 2 component high build line marking product, suitable for many situations. It is a two component epoxy material which is easily applied to any suitably prepared sur­face. Standard colours are white and Safety Yellow … View full description of Pagegrip Linemarker

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Pageseal DPM A solvent and water free, epoxy resin, liquid applied surface damp proof membrane, designed to withstand moisture vapour from substrates … View full description of Pageseal DPM