green chemical resistant floor
2mm self leveller resin
resin foor and lines
chemical res resin

Polyaspartic technology offers efficient floor laying, greener solutions, fast curing even at lower temperatures, is solvent free, and is UV stable. Page install Polyaspartic products in a range of thicknesses and colours to suit any working environment.

The installation time is significantly reduced with these flooring options ensuring minimal disruption to operations when upgrading flooring. The key benefits of Polyaspartic flooring make it an exceptional flooring solution across both industrial and commercial environments, and in sectors ranging from retail, to pharmaceutical, manufacturing and more.


Line marking

Elladur™ LM is a high-build Polyaspartic/polyurea fast-cure line marking floor coating based on advanced materials, designed to provide coloured tough and durable gloss finish in a range of thicknesses. Elladur™ LM is light stable with very good chemical resistance and can be applied to a variety of finishes and surfaces… View full description of Elladur™ LM